Monday, 12 March 2007

Printer abuse

40 pages of this - although I do quite like the look of it!

I'm abusing my printer at the moment and in danger of completely wrecking it, which would really upset me. It's an A3+ Epson and has been going for years and while it doesn't print particularly well on ordinary or photographic paper it prints brilliantly on all the other weird papers that I've been pushing through it recently. Thick acid free watercolour paper, textured paper - even cotton and best of all tissue paper. I cannot stop printing on tissue now as it produces such a beautiful effect. Every time I put a piece through, I hold my breath knowing that this could be the last print ever for my machine. I had a real scare this afternoon, the tissue caught up and jammed, I pulled it all out but my printer would not work. I switched it off, switched it on, it then printed about 40 pages of undecipherable text and symbols. So I switched it off & then on and it's working perfectly again now. The thing is - do I have the nerve to do it again?

My prints on tissue © 2007 Nicky Linzey

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