Wednesday, 14 March 2007

It's not like it used to be

Success at last - drying in the sun

I used to make paper mache bowls years ago so thought I'd have another go - I need to use the tissue designs after all. Something was not right, I used the same recipe as I'd always done - wallpaper paste with newspaper, then when I'd built up enough layers and the bowl was finished and dry I'd paint on PVA glue and decorate it. However this time the bowls were warping and the layers separating - I'm sure that newsprint has changed, the quality is not as good, that or the glue - I mean you can stick a man to the ceiling with it but try sticking sheets of newsprint together. I eventually had some success using the TV guide - the paper was a bit firmer and has a slight sheen. These are the results . . .

©2007 Nicky Linzey

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