Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I've been putting together drawings from my garden last year - trying to plan out a new painting. My last two attempts have been abandoned half way through as I've realised they are not working, which is disheartening - I find it difficult to judge what will work or not until I've spent days on the painting and another canvas is ruined!

Monday, 18 May 2015


We visited Shoreham last week to see the houseboats, which are weird and wonderful and constructed from all sorts of paraphernalia - coaches - planes - even a robin reliant. I did not want to spoil it (if you are going to visit) by photographing them all, so this is just a taster. Park in beach green car park and they are right in front of you. I'm still doing my 2minutebeachclean as you can see.

Monday, 11 May 2015


Oh dear I missed April completely. Finn has been taking up my time and a myriad of family problems unfortunately, but that's life I suppose. Here's a photographic montage of the missed month - it's my favourite time of year - so beautiful to see the Spring colours with leaves and plants unfurling in the woods and the blue sea sparkling in the first warm sunshine. 
Finn is settling in well, he's a little wayward and has eaten all the wild garlic in the garden and scared off the birds which is a shame. It's a year since Bill died and Finn has made me feel better about everything, as well as being a great walking companion.