Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I've been fascinated by Jays since childhood and have found quite a lot of their blue stripey feathers over the years. To look down and see the bright blue feather on a muddy path is pretty exciting to me but as I've said before I don't think I get out enough! Lately several Jays have been landing in the tree outside our bedroom window and it has been my first sighting of the actual birds. I've always thought they kept away from people because they were very shy.

Monday, 12 January 2015

New Year, New ......

We have a new dog! He is a rescue terrier cross called Finnegan but as that name is such a mouthful he will be known as Finn. I'm so delighted - he's fitted in well apart from raiding the biscuit tin, trying to jump the garden fence and retrieving a quality street from under the sofa and stuffing it down. I managed to get most of it away from him as dogs and chocolate do not mix. 

It all happened rather quickly - we had seen several terriers online at Battersea and Dog's Trust that we liked but each time they were reserved before we even had a chance to visit, so we decided to wait until after Christmas before looking again. My sister saw Finn on the Allsorts Dog Rescue site and we applied. They responded - saying he was already reserved but then on Tuesday of last week they contacted us again as the man had changed his mind. We had a home check on Wednesday and went to see him on Thursday, loved him and brought him back there and then.

He's gorgeous but quite naughty, completely the opposite in character to Bill although he looks similar. I think he will provide us with a lot of fun and love and many stories for this blog!