Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Can I stroke your dog please?

My Jack Russell and I go for about 3 walks a day and invariably someone stops us to say "Can I stroke your dog please?" It's great because we stop for a chat, get to know all sorts of people and make friends with some of them. We were walking through the cemetery which is one of the most beautiful places (flowers, woodpeckers, foxes infact all sorts of wildlife), when Sidney stopped us to ask "Can I stroke your dog please?". It was the start of a friendship that lasted until his death last year. Sidney's wife died a couple of years previously and he visited her grave twice a day on his way to and from the hospital where he helped out. He organised quizzes, painted outdoor furniture, helped at mealtimes among many other things, for people less fortunate than him (his words), even though he was a frail 85 year old. We saw him nearly every day for a chat until last year. I miss him.

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littlepurplecow said...

I too like the feel of cemetaries, being close and respectful to those who have come before me.

You must have a great air about you.