Wednesday, 19 August 2009


The weekword is Camping and I hope I haven't given everyone terrible difficulties with this word. It's my birthday today and I did consider spending the night under canvas but I'm a fair weather camper and the forecast was for rain. Last week we had our first camping expedition for years and I have recent memories of the very very hard ground making it impossible to sleep, even on my sunbed mattress. If I go again I definitely need more equipment such as an airbed, oh and a toilet! Also My Jack Russell would not get in the tent and when we eventually did get him in, 3 of us in such close proximity was claustrophobic and hot. So a 6 man tent would be good too, preferably a tepee that we could stand up in, not have to crawl around on our hands & knees.
Having said all that, we did have a great time, collecting wood, lighting the camp fire, singing, laughing, eating, drinking and in the morning cooking bacon & eggs out in the open countryside was just wonderful.
I will pick the next person to choose the weekword later tonight - I'm off now to do some celebrating!
I'm picking Caroline to choose the next weekword.


Sandra Dieckmann said...

Well done!

I didn't say I'm taking part as well...but I did ;-)
Hahaha and I finished it early as well...
my mistake...I'm gonna have a look what everyone else did now!
Have a look lovely loves x

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Nicky!! Yes, everything has to be just right to enjoy camping - a lack of creature comforts is going to upset me!! Very nice illustration - a one woman and dog tent with plenty of space!
I've also posted something

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Happy Birthday!

I liked your choice of word...

Linda Sue said...

Oh Happy DAY! Nicky! Love your illustration- it could fetch some dollars at REI I would think! Very nice and I agree with your pup- tents are too close quarters.
Thanks for the "word".

aimee said...

happy birthday nicky!! oh, my goodness, i am trying to imagine a jack russell terrier cooped up inside a tent - they are the most energetic animals i have ever seen! what a vision!

~Valentina~ said...

Happy Birthday!!:) Ohh my.. camping with the russell terrier, that sounds like fun!

Anne said...

Lovely drawing! My camping days are long in the past - I like my comfort (and en suite loo) too much. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

yoon see said...

Happy Birthday Nicky.
I wish you all the best and happy as always!
Love your illustration, I can feel your happiness playing with your dog.
I have two videos about my neighbour dog. It really takes a long time to upload, so I will do that in the near future.

Is that my Shah Alam lake Garden 8 post consider "camping"?
The 4th image is a great place for picnic and camping.
However, I will try to submit my illustration later as I am tire today.

Please come back on Sunday, it will be ready.
I have full day teaching plus replacement tomorrow.
I reach home at 9pm. Rest and start drawing OK.
Sunday, I am very busy starting these month because a few of my students change their classes to Sunday. It will be a full day for me on Sunday too.
Now is 2am. I got to go and sleep.
Thank you for inviting me, I definitely will make effort doing it!

Bye and happy weekends too Nicky!

Veja cecilia said...

happy birthday! I hope u have a great day/evening:) I´m happy to hear that camping can be nice, perhaps I should try it!

Caroline said...

Hi again, Nicky. I'd be delighted to choose the weekword! Can you tell me where this challenge orginated? Do you have any idea how long it's been going? Is there a list of past words and participants anywhere? Sorry for all the questions - just curious!

Anairam said...

Your illustration is so amazing that I might even start to like camping ... Oh, it is all about the dog, actually. I would so like to get a dog again ... Happy Birthday, Nicky - hope you had a great one!

Fruenswerk said...

This is great and also a great word...can I come an take a nap? Ive been so busy but I´ll post some camping tomorrow ;DDDD

L'Atelier said...

Happy Birthday, Camper! lovely sketch.Reading about camping ,made me think i should try it again - since i havent done any since my university days- which is a looooong time ago.
I finally posted my take on camping... it came out really different that planed, and really late sorry, suddenly got really swamped with stuff i had to do
happy weekend!

justdoodleit said...

The colors in this illo are just lovely.

get zapped said...

Great illo! So colorful and full of whimsy - this was before you got claustrophobic on hard ground! :P I recently went camping and was eager to get back to my bed after several nights! Must be getting old :/ But, all in all I too had fun. Thanks for sharing!