Monday, 24 August 2009

perfect day

Thanks to everyone for all your birthday wishes. I did have a wonderful time and the weather turned out to be the perfect English summer's day. Gra and I went to Charleston Farmhouse, the home of artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. It is a magical place - I think they must have painted every available wall and furniture surface! We then had an evening of celebrations with my family in my brother's beautiful garden.
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Caroline said...

Looks like a splendid day out Nicky! I'd really love to see that house, but will content myself with a visit to the website for now! See you on Friday again for weekword!

Anairam said...

That sounds like a fantastic day! I've only been to the UK once (in 2004) and I made a point of visiting Charleston. I've always been in love with the entire Bloomsbury group - so it was like heaven. I loved the house and the garden - and to be physically present where these amazing lives played out there dramas! The one thing that was a bit off-putting was that we had to go through the house in little groups and were ushered through by a very stern lady who put the fear of God into us. No pictures, no this, no that. Only a few minutes in every room and then we had to move on. No time to linger. Of course, I realize that this fantastic heritage must be protected, and that some visitors do not know how to behave themselves, but it took away some of the romance of the experience. I remember thinking to myself: I'm sure Vanessa Bell would have hated it!

Nicky Linzey said...

Yes I know what you mean Anairam, my heart sank when I heard it was a guided tour but luckily our guide was great with a good sense of humour. If you go on Sunday you can wander through at your leisure. It is difficult to take it all in as there is so much detail.

serline said...

I'm so happy to see such a beautiful place now. So quiet and peaceful life that I'm going to miss after moving to Bangkok. Hugs!

yoon see said...

Yeah, wow Ilove the bottom shot.
Look so cozy and romantic setting!
You must have a great time Nicky:)