Friday, 5 June 2015


While walking Finn I cannot stop beach cleaning. Martin Dorey - the founder of 2minutebeachclean was on BBC2's Springwatch last week - he's doing an amazing job. I've discovered that each beach I clean has a different type of rubbish: Wittering was littered with lots of dog poo in bags - I can only think that after bagging it the dog's owners didn't want to carry it around with them so discarded it - even though there are many bins around. Pagham has lots of matted fabric caught up in the dried seaweed. I didn't realise what this was until I'd been clearing it for a few weeks - WET WIPES - disgusting. Apparently they are becoming a real problem as people are using them more and more. Then there's Bognor - clogged up with beer cans and takeaway rubbish - just left behind regardless of all the bins along the promenade.

I also cannot stop photographing boat bottoms! I love the layers of coloured peeling paint and the textures. I think they look like abstract paintings.


Marianna said...

Boat bottoms indeed are attractive; I'd love them in silk.

Horrible beach litter though :-(

Cally said...

Agreed, Marianna - those boat bottoms would look amazing digitally printed on fabric. Such a shame people can't be bothered to walk a few steps to a bin!

sew2pro said...

May the wet wipes backlash begin!

P.S. Finn is looking lovely.