Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I've been putting together drawings from my garden last year - trying to plan out a new painting. My last two attempts have been abandoned half way through as I've realised they are not working, which is disheartening - I find it difficult to judge what will work or not until I've spent days on the painting and another canvas is ruined!


Cally said...

Good idea. I always find that the composition's the hardest part. I love these vibrant colours.

Marianna said...

All sewists have completed garments (some which took forever) that never see the light of day as they're just not right for wearing, or they're uncomfortable. Though they hang in the wardrobe, they're wasted canvases!

But the work is experience so at least the time spent isn't wasted.

I'd love to have your pattern on a fabric for a wrap dress!

Nicola said...

As soon as I saw this, I loved it....moved me with its vibrancy and boldness. And, love the "block print" feel to it, of course! ; )
Yes, the beautiful, and noisy, Jays, re our pieces!!!

Caroline said...

Love it too! Has Nicky written all over it!

Vicki Smith said...

Very vibrant and striking! I love looking at all the interesting shapes that you've created.