Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Happy Birthday Finn!

Today is Finn's 5th birthday - as far as we know - it was roughly worked out by Allsorts Dog Rescue when we got him. The picture on the left shows how he was in the dog pound in Ireland and the one on the right as he is now. It hasn't been easy to get him to this point as his behaviour has sometimes been pretty wild but he is calming down and Gra has worked wonders with him. 
It's lovely to see him enjoying his life and having adventures. He found a fox in the shed and was obsessed with that for over a week even though there was no more sign of it. He eats my blackcurrants and gooseberries off the bushes and traumatises the sparrows and pigeons in the garden. He's found his voice too - it took him about 4 months to bark - I'm sure the neighbours are delighted! He's very loving and funny too - a great companion - I'm glad he found us - Happy Birthday Finn!


Mandy Hine said...

Happy 5th Birthday Finn! Hope you chased lots of pigeons, looked for the fox in the shed and had a marvelous time all day!! How your life has changed Finn, I don't expect they even knew you had a birthday in your previous home. xxxx

Marianna said...

Aw, what stories he could tell of his previous life. Happy Finn's birthday to all of you!