Monday, 11 May 2015


Oh dear I missed April completely. Finn has been taking up my time and a myriad of family problems unfortunately, but that's life I suppose. Here's a photographic montage of the missed month - it's my favourite time of year - so beautiful to see the Spring colours with leaves and plants unfurling in the woods and the blue sea sparkling in the first warm sunshine. 
Finn is settling in well, he's a little wayward and has eaten all the wild garlic in the garden and scared off the birds which is a shame. It's a year since Bill died and Finn has made me feel better about everything, as well as being a great walking companion.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures. One day at a time. xx

Marianna said...

Oh he is a rascal... but with the sweetest, herbiest breath!

Lovely to see what you've been up to. Hope all is well.

Anairam said...

Haven't been to your blog for quite some time, so I am so sorry to read that Bill died. Our animal companions are so precious. But oh my, what a lovely little dog Finnegan seems to be - I love the photos with him lying on his back - a picture of pure bliss!

Caroline said...

We had some lovely weather in April, didn't we?!