Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Charity Shop Challenge

I know it's late to talk about Christmas in mid January but I'm behind with my posts and hadn't mentioned this years Charity Shop Challenge. Again it went well and you can see the presents I received and some great finds I kept for myself.
However the earrings, bottom right, were a wonderful surprise from Gra who designed them and had them made. I think it was a traumatic time for him wondering if I'd like them - luckily I LOVE them. I wore them on Boxing Day to visit friends and promptly lost one. After spending a sleepless night imagining it gone forever, it was found the next morning in My Jack Russell's toy basket. A mystery!


Ces said...

Wow! I just came here for the first time and I love your slideshow!

I enjoyed reading this and I like it when lost earrings are found. Unfortunately in my case, they are found after I have given up and already discarded the other pair. Happy New Year!

Bella Sinclair said...

These are great finds! And those earrings are wonderfully unique and beautiful. Your pup fancied them, too, no doubt. :)

Caroline said...

Well at least he didn't eat your earring! They are wonderful - I'm quite envious! What a lovely montage again - colour coordinated gifts!