Sunday, 16 January 2011

A spot of sunshine

I've been waiting for a sunny day to photograph these gifts from Malaysia, received in the post over Christmas. It hasn't materialised and I realised I might be waiting forever at this rate. Above are beautifully wrapped presents from Caroline - a stunning book of Malaysian birds illustrated by her and a patterned fan which looks fabulous on my mantlepiece.
Fun presents - handmade and chosen with great thought from Yoon See.
If you don't know their work then visit their blogs, they will definitely bring you a lot of sunshine from Malaysia too!


blissful chick said...

wonderful presies! enjoy x

Caroline said...

Oh, I saw you'd posted and came over to find me here too!! Cute items from sweet Yoon See!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky! I like your blog. You need a "follow" option so I can find you again!


Bella Sinclair said...

YAY! You are very lucky indeed! These are fantastic gifts from two incredibly lovely women.

studio lolo said...

oh you lucky duck!! Caroline is one of my favorite artists, and Yoon See does delightful, fun things as well!

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