Saturday, 2 January 2010

Charity Shop Challenge

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you all had great holidays. I'm pleased to report that the Charity Shop Challenge was a great success. Even my brother who was very cynical about the whole thing enjoyed himself. It was great fun seeing what everyone had unearthed and we all ended up with some lovely presents, although one was broken by an over enthusiastic Jack Russell helping to unwrap - sorry - I can't even offer to replace it! Here is a selection above, and below are things I found but selfishly kept.
Must have been good - we've all agreed to do it again next year.


Caroline said...

Nicky this is great! My favourites are the seagull with HUGE feet and the frilly chicken!! What a fun (and meaningful) way to give at Christmas!

aimee said...

oh you did it!! i'm a huge fan of the notion that it doesn't matter where you find something or how much it costs, it's what you find and how you make it look. what superb finds! and i love your jack russell stories - can only imagine one trying to help unwrap a gift!

happy new year nicky!

Feltbug said...

Great idea! - have a wonderful and happy 2010. xx

Evelyn Howard said...

I like the idea of going to the charity shop - takes away the burden (more importantly obligations) or expensive gives. Instead it makes the giver think about appropriate gifts - and it sounds like a lot of fun.