Monday, 27 April 2009

Leafy Green

Phewww! What a couple of weeks. My computer expired suddenly in the middle of a design job with an imminent deadline. So I was completely thrown off course and it affected me more than I would have liked it too. In fact the loss of my computer felt like the loss of part of me and that's the bit I didn't like - that I have become so reliant on a machine - then haven't we all. Now I have a brand new computer and everything is back to normal and I feel so much better after a lovely weekend wandering through the leafy green of the woods in Spring (which is what I'd like to be doing every day).


get zapped said...

This lovely collage of green expresses your delight (and relief) so nicely. Yes, it's quite scary how reliant we are to our computers. With that said, I'm happy you're back :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Aaaah, green. New beginnings. New computer and new bits of yourself. Glad to hear you got your computer problems resolved, though sorry it had to happen at a very unfortunate time. I love this collage! So refreshing!

yoon see said...

I agree with the saying of these two sisters here. I am so glad that everythings are in order to you so fast and you got a great relief having your problem solve.
Love the green shots here, this really state your current lively mood Nickey.
Is the computer expensive?
Can I request for cactus photos from you Nicky.
Thanks in advance:)
Bye and hope you always enjoy your work and play the same time, have a wonderful time welcoming the spring!

aimee said...

computers choose to expire at the most inconvenient times! it's true - it is easy to get dependent on these machines. even when we briefly lose internet access i feel like i've lost a limb, and it is a very odd sensation. glad you're back!