Monday, 6 April 2009

For Yoon See

I've had a request to create a montage of splashing rain water drops. It hasn't rained here for a while so I took some shots of fast flowing water instead - with a few splashes - hope you like it Yoon See. Thanks for suggesting this, I had a great time doing it and when it rains I'll have another go.


yoon see said...

Thanks a million Nicky, I am so thrilled that my request had been fulfilled:)
Yeah, the montage of splashing rain water drops were so cool, moving and dancing with joy.
They are so abstract!
I especially love the middle top, right top and the bottom left most.
The momentum of the dancing beats are varied making all the images here unique on its own:)

Thanks again Nicky, I will wait patiently for the upcoming rain water drops post:)
I also glad to hear you have so much fun snapping the photos:)
Bye Nicky!

get zapped said...

Awesome work with water. This is full of energy and yet soothing.