Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Seeing green

I see green everywhere at the moment. These pictures are from one alleyway and all the walls and fences are covered in algae - which means everything is beautifully green.


BJ Lantz said...

I love, love, love green! My favorite color of all time (although I am not a fan of Kelly green). A lot in my house is green ~ that may sound a tad overwhelming, but it all kind of flows & works together very well; I get lots of compliments on the house, so I guess it works :-) I've always said whenever we sell the house prospective buyers first thoughts upon entering will be "Well, they like green..."

get zapped said...

It's such an soothing color. So full of hope and trust. I love what you've done with these snippets of green. Your eye is a delight to experience. Happy Spring!

yoon see said...

I agree with two of them above. Green is always my favourite and you have spotted them and bring them alive with your creativity.
Thanks Nicky, I always enjoy your shots!
Too bad, I stay in the city, I
need to travel to the countryside to discover more beautiful green.