Friday, 3 October 2014

A taste of Autumn

We're beginning to get a taste of Autumn even though the temperature is still warm and the sunshine's holding out. The photos below are from my travels around, plus a lovely one of Alf and a dog I met called Jack - who made me long for another dog. The trouble is that Bill's a hard act to follow. I would always get one from a rescue centre and the terriers seem to be snapped up quickly which is great. I'm sure one will find us when the time is right, just like Bill did.


Cally said...

I hope you do find him or her when you're ready and the time is right. I'm sure that Bill would understand that an excellent dog-rescuer-and-friend like you shouldn't be wasted! I enjoyed reading about how you found Bill, I hadn't seen that post yet.

Amanda Dilworth said...

lovely collection of photographs Nicky. I also hope you find another furry friend when the time is right.