Friday, 13 December 2013

Olive update

So much for my vision of eating home grown olives at Christmas. As you can see, they are still on the tree and have never ripened enough to be worth picking. It's disappointing but on the up side it has saved me hours of rinsing, washing .. etc. etc.

More instagram pictures of a mini adventure with My Jack Russell. He's been very lively recently and has demanded some longer walks, so I decided to take him up to the windmill - it's only 20 minutes away but for some reason I have never been. We had a lovely walk and I was surprised how much Autumn colour was still around in December. Bill loved it too but disgraced himself infront of several people by barking nastily at a very sweet donkey. But that's a jack russell for you.


Cally said...

Great photos. The field and hedge tunnel especially caught my eye. Did you run through it? :)

Marianna said...

Maybe Bill thought it was a very odd looking dog and felt threatened.

Great pictures. The colours are so satisfying somehow.

Vicki Smith said...

Such beautiful, atmospheric images images. It's all white here in New Jersey. We've had quite a bit of snow for so early in the season.