Monday, 2 December 2013


For a long time Gra and I have talked about having a joint exhibition and now he has started painting again we are working towards this. We have very different styles and thought it would be interesting for some of our work to be of the same subject matter. So this is our first effort - Chichester Market Cross, what do you think?
He is trying to paint more freely from sketches done on the ipad (at least someone is making use of it!) and I'm tackling subjects that I would not normally draw, which is a new challenge for me. We are hoping the exhibition will be next summer.


Cally said...

I love these; yours is beautiful and Gra's is so immediate. It'll make a brilliant exhibition. Will you post more of it here?

Julia Kelly said...

Both are really wonderful- fun idea to do the same subject!

Amanda Dilworth said...

What a great idea Nicky, lots of luck with the exhibition. Hope you post some more of the images on your blog. Really like your colour palette.