Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Street art

Went out last night to view the street art in Chichester. Some of it was still in progress. It was great to see it, as the city is normally such a conservative place. Apparently it will stay until someone complains ... I wonder how long that will be ...?


Julia Kelly said...

I love the ones on the side of the buildings-and it looks like spring is finally therr too!

Marianna said...

What an interesting idea and well done Chichester! Hope the locals don't mind too much.

Anairam said...

Oh man, I love good graffiti - street art - it brightens up the dull and grey streets and when it is clever and makes you think - like Banksy's - it brightems up the little grey cells as well. I especially like the two birds on the side of that building - brilliant!