Friday, 26 April 2013

Old age?

I've been worried about My Jack Russell aging for a while now, he's definitely slowing down. Bill's 14 (98 in human years) but yesterday I wondered why I worry so much. At 4am he wanted to go out and he chased a fox into a neighbouring garden. I could hear him tearing around but I couldn't get him. He eventually came back through a hole in the hedge. Then he was up again at 7am for a walk, at 11am he visited his friend Alfie to run up and down his garden - guarding against any intruders. Another walk at 3pm and a game at 6pm. All this interspersed with several light meals throughout the day. No wonder this is him today, I wish it was me!


Anairam said...

Oh man, you can see that he is enjoying his well-earned rest! I sometimes worry about Snous - she is hardly five, and she slouches around like an old lady, wants to be picked up after a couple of metres, well, not of tiredness I think, she just gets lazy. She does run on the beach like a mad thing, though. But we can't go to the beach everyday - and sometimes I just want to walk around the streets near our house with her.

Marianna said...

He's clearly been well looked after to be enjoying a such a spritely old age!