Friday, 18 January 2013

Stop and stare 17

Murmuration -I love this word used for a collection of starlings. We finally went to Brighton at dusk to see them flying over West Pier. Unfortunately the light was not good enough to get a photograph of the thousands that eventually gathered, this was just the start. Everyone was stopping to stare as they danced round and round in the most beautiful formations, it was very moving. We stayed until it was so cold My Jack Russell was shivering and we had to go home. There were many other interesting sights too.


Julia Kelly said...

tried to comment yesterday and it wouldn't let me- but loved your new piece and cool pictures of another place that would be interesting to see!

Marianna said...

Yes, lovely photos. How do you know when to turn up for "murmurations"? Is it a daily event?

Nicky Linzey said...

Yes it is daily in the winter months Marianna, at about 4pm or just before dusk. Although sometimes there are more birds than others. Depends if there are predators around apparently.