Friday, 26 March 2010


Your help in overcoming my 'stuckness' has been just what I needed. Even just the thought of a cycle ride in the countryside sent me into raptures - playing with and walking my dog is the best thing I can ever do, I'm investigating spoonflower  and definitely switching off my computer more.
Again & again I come back to Keri Smith for inspiration - I just love her rebel's manifesto.
Thank you all for your friendship - it means a lot.
Image is of photographed wire with coloured in sections


Caroline said...

Good to know that you're getting unstuck! Thanks for introducing Spoonflower - what a great site - their competitions look fun!

Nicola said...

I truly love visiting your ever-evolving process. And it's a special treat to visit all your beautiful posts I've missed!

Bella Sinclair said...

Stained glass! This looks like beautiful stained glass. Wonderful explosion of colors, Nicky!

Glad you are getting unstuck. And OOOOHHH, your patterns are just PERFECT for Spoonflower! That's exciting!

I like #7 of the manifesto: Embrace your darkside. Mwahahahahaha

Shirley said...

Nicky - so glad to know you are getting through that stuck phase. Definitely awesome that you're taking time to breathe the fresh air and get some space from the computer. I hope Spoonflower is the perfect fit for you! I've awarded you the Sunshine Award (though I'm sure you've already received it) because your work and delightful blog have been rays of sunshine for me.

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Nicky,
Oh I just love this! such perfect color combination, beautiful pattern! :)

Kiss from portugal

yoon see said...

Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful work Nicky.
I really love to see abstract and this fun filled art is sure my new found favourite and also the spoonflower's favourite too.

Thanks and Spoonflower is a great brilliant place for inspiration.
I will check it out more details!

As for Keri Smith's quotes.
I would take #10:
follow your heart-

Take care and see you again Nicky!