Thursday, 7 January 2010

More Trees


aimee said...

looks like it's as cold there as it is here! oh, by the way, no i don't have a JRT but i babysat one for a weekend a few years ago and needed to sleep for two weeks to recover! and i've never seen a dog jump so high! so i love your stories about them because i can totally picture the scene!

Caroline said...

What a super set of wintry trees! Must say I'd love to witness the winter scenes in Europe right now, but honestly am happier with my Malaysian warmth! .... Sending you some..! -And yes, I printed the net with a supermarket onion bag - holding my breath whilst doing so and hoping I'd not mess up the fish!x

yoon see said...

Wow! Lovely shots!
The second top is my favourite!
Just like the little accents added some cheer to the overall pieces!