Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sunshine amongst greyness

It has been continually grey and dull here recently but there have been rays of sunshine in the form of Art Exchange envelopes coming through my letterbox. Thanks for making my day to Mandy, Flora and Buel. Not only have I received these wonderful illustrations but I now have their blogs to inspire me too. So go and have a peek, you'll be glad you did.


Caroline said...

Double wow factor here Nicky!! Your hauls on the Art Exchange are terrific and your photos stunning! To answer your questions - basically, I haven't a clue!!! There must be hundreds of artist bloggers involved in this - I know I've asked people to join and they've had to turn me down and others have asked me and I've had to say I'm already involved! It would be such a good idea to put everything on Flickr .... it certainly hasn't been mentioned to me - guess the biggest task would be alerting everyone!

Feltbug said...

Hello! Thanks for posting the link! I would love to take part in a flickr show and tell if there is one and if there isn't I don't mind helping set one up x

yoon see said...

Dearest Nicky,

Your photo shots are always so amazingly beautiful, sorry to drop by late here...I have miss a few but I do read them and appreciate them one by one.
I also have drawn my IF but just too tire to post.
I hope to resume IF next week.
The gifts are fantastic, I want to send you some gifts too for Christmas Nicky.
Pls. write to me with a convenient address when you are free:)

Yoon See