Thursday, 10 September 2009

Light & dark


yoon see said...

Loving the black and white calm setting.
All about texture, lightness, density and shadow.
My favourite shots. All on the right!
Happy weekends Nicky, look like you are more productive than me nowdays.
Indeed, I need a long good rest.

Caroline said...

Super photo collage - you're so good at these - I'd love to know how you put them together - are you using a particular programme?

aimee said...

cool pics nicky! great shadows!

yoon see said...

I am back to admire the beauty of these shots:)
Happy weekends in advance:)

Karen Gladys Henry said...

i love all these textures and shadows together. very harmonious

get zapped said...

Lovely play with light. I adore shadows. Love the variety of lines and shapes you captured.

yoon see said...

Thanks Nicky for dropping by and your understanding.
I also super love your blog. I must drop by and read your posting.
Have a great day yeah.