Friday, 20 February 2009


It's been an exciting week for me post wise, as I received 2 giveaways . . yes 2 . . from the One World One Heart project that I entered earlier in the month.
As my correspondence is almost entirely done by e-mail I hardly ever receive anything interesting in the post, so it was lovely to receive these exquisite handmade gifts. A silver necklace from Nancy and a ceramic collaged notebook from Don, so original. It was a great thing to participate in and I've come across blogs and people that I would not have 'met' otherwise. Check out these 2 bloggers - both so talented.


nancy said...

hey nicky, so glad it arrived in one piece! i love getting mail, it so exciting, hope you enjoy your new necklace, nancy

yoon see said...

Congrats Nicky, you are so lucky and you make new friends.
Like you say they are so talented:)