Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More squash

This is the first drawing of the squash I did that led on to the 'packed' illustration.
I've now found out more about growing these from seed - they are known for being promiscuous! Apparently I should pollinate them by hand if I want to retain the variety as they can cross-pollinate, then I would need to put an elastic band on the top of the flower to stop any insects crawling inside. Sounds like a bit of a palaver to me. I haven't had any problems before and I rather liked the shock of all the strange shapes growing. We tried some for lunch yesterday, they were yummy and, as we're still here, not poisonous!
© 2008 nicky linzey


yoon see said...

Wow. I am impressed...
So much details in these squashs.
Nickey, the colors and texture here are very soothing to eyes, I feel like joining in for lunch...may I have a bite?
BT way, I have got awards for you. Pls. drop by when you are free.

get zapped said...

What a fun discovery! Nature is so resillient. I really like this drawing, your captured the nuances of texture. Thanks for sharing!

marina _ tsu-mina said...

I like very much all your works! Great!