Friday, 25 July 2008

No hope!

Last weekend we cleared the bottom of our garden to create a shady area to sit in. As it has a few trees we decided to grass it over and keep it fairly wild rather than pave it. We levelled it all out and sowed the grass seed. That is where the problems began.
No matter how many barricades we put up, My Jack Russell can still find a way in. He hops over the wire netting or squeezes through a tiny gap, scampers over to the tree, cocks his leg & scampers back.

Then there's the blackbird - he's working so hard to feed his young that I cannot shoo him away from the seed, infact I often find him fat juicy slugs from my veg garden and leave them on the lawn where he can find them.

And yesterday I saw this little wood mouse, munching away. He always used to be eating our vegetable left-overs in the composter which we've moved to another part of the garden so I didn't have the heart to frighten him off.

Will our lawn ever grow? I don't think it stands much of a chance with this lot!

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