Friday, 9 May 2008

Welcome Jack

Went to my sister's last night & here's a picture of the latest addition to the family - Jacksy. He's had a hard life, in and out of different homes, been run over and had his leg bitten badly by another dog, so it's no wonder he was so nervous when my sister got him. He's been with them for a month now & is settling in really well, infact he's a different dog.
Not a particularly good photo of him but he was desperate for sausages from the barbeque and wouldn't sit still.


Cally said...

Hi Nicky, thanks for the comment, I see we have a shared love of design, spring flowers and dogs.

Q. said...

what a cutie pie. Welcome Jacksy! Life is about to get a wholllllle lot better. Lucky dog. If I sit still, will you throw me a few sausages?
Best, Q.