Tuesday, 6 May 2008

At his best too

Gray played live the other Friday, he's been working with jojo only a few weeks and this was their first performance playing songs he's written.


Dreams are done and the daylight comes
You know the morning’s here
As we rise and open eyes
I feel that you are near

If this is all about devotion
Then it’s all about you and then me
If love is deeper than the ocean
Then it’s wild and wide and wonderful
As waves that roll across the sea

Bellissimo I told you so
And know you just can’t let me go
Bellissimo is how it is
When there is nothing left to miss
When everything is in your kiss
The day is great when it starts
When it starts like this

Dreams are done and daylight come
And show me what you bring
may not be so very much
but to me it's everything

© 2007 Gray Wilkins

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