Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sunset over Dorset

As you can see I've put up a photo of me. It's a bit of a cheat really as you cannot see my face. I hate posing for photos and Gray took this one when I wasn't aware of being photographed - I like it because I was having a lovely time in one of my favourite places by the sea. We went to Dorset at the weekend to a hotel we hadn't been to for a while, to do some coastal walking. It turned out to be too hot for that, so we went inland and found a beautiful walk in the lush green countryside north of Bridport. In the evening we watched the sun go down from Chesil beach - there was a festival type atmosphere as the beach was packed with families fishing and camping overnight. I always find it weird when the moon is in the sky the same time as the sun. To the left was a bluey/pink hue with the moon in a cool sky and to the right there was this blazing orange orb that was too bright to look at - amazing.

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