Thursday, 12 July 2007

A slice of life

I went out as usual this morning with My Jack Russell - it started to rain as we walked out of the door - lovely refreshing drops on my face - the trees were bursting with green. We walked through the cemetery and saw Jane and her mum talking to Shaun the gravedigger. She (7yrs old) doesn't stop talking and is very inquisitive - he's only too happy to answer her many questions about what he is doing! We saw the old man who tends his wife's grave every morning and then walks into town for an enormous fry up. We passed Sidney's grave and stopped to say hello. Cars halted to let children across the road, young people chatted to older people with concern about their health - even MJR who normally barks at anything that moves was calm.
I felt a fantastic sense of community today in an environment where sometimes it seems there is none.

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cally said...

Hi Nicky,
I just spotted your comment on one of my older posts, thanks for dropping by.

This post of yours is so full of life and happiness, very cheery. I walk Lucy round a cemetery most days but she has a bad paw just now and isn't allowed out for a week, such a shame. I love the illustration you did of your dog, gorgeous!