Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Hunter gatherer 2

We go for a walk or two every day - my Jack Russell demands it - at least that's what I say. It's nothing to do with how good I feel when I exercise in the fresh air. We were on one of my favourite walks along the coast the other day when I just happened to look down - there among the hundreds of crab skeletons was samphire growing profusely - it was so exciting. I wasn't one hundred percent sure that it was samphire as I hadn't come across it before, so we picked some, took it home, identified it, cooked it and ate it with lovely tender lamb. It has the texture and taste of asparagus but is slightly more crunchy and salty - delicious. Of course I had to go back and pick some more and some more ... in this very SECRET location!

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Roger B. said...

'Food for Free' always tastes better than shop-bought!