Friday, 26 February 2016

Finn update

What a wonderful dog Finn is becoming. He's really settled in to our life now and seems to be very happy in his new routine. He's very loving and obviously up for all the walking that is expected of him.

It was Gra's birthday last week so we spent the day out walking, beachcombing, collecting and photographing. Plus a bit of eating and drinking too - the perfect day. Below are pictures of paint on the bottom of boats.

East Head at Wittering was very stormy but beautiful. I did a #2minutebeachclean and in the picture of the sand you can see the tiny pieces of plastic littering the beach - all the black and white bits are plastic too. They can be found all along the sand dunes now and this shocks me every time I see it. I also collected some shells and seaweed to draw.


Marianna said...

He certainly looks lovely and mellow in your beautiful photos! So glad it's going well for you all. I have recently acquired a 'dog-nephew' I'm proud to say, though I have yet to meet him but he's a staffie from Battersea living with my brother. It must be wonderful to be able to provide a good home to a creature down on their luck.

Nicky Linzey said...

Yes it's very rewarding Marianna - when you see them knowing and understanding their new life, they seem to relax and become content (and a little bit cocky too!)

Cally said...

Hi Nicky, I'm so glad you're getting on so well together! It's a great feeling when you see how happy and secure they feel isn't it? I love your boat bottom photos; such beautiful colours and textures.