Monday, 14 September 2015

Finn's first trip

We've been away to the West Country - walking the coastal paths - which is my favourite thing to do. This time we've had Finn with us - his first holiday (that we know of). I was unsure how he would behave as he's a very impetuous dog and can be hard to handle at times. I needn't have worried - he was a good boy. He became bored easily while Gra was searching for fossils and I was drawing but only disgraced himself once when he did a runner from our hotel room and was eventually stopped by a German guest with a very large suitcase! I think we wore him out in the end.

2 comments: said...

Oh he's a sprite, Finn. Lovely image of him running away with his escape thwarted by a tourist with a suitcase!

Looks like you had a lovely time and your fossil illustrations are lovely. Where did you stay? We sometimes stay near Lyme Regis (a couple of miles up from the coast).

Julia Kelly said...

Catching the fossil sketching and views of the seaside