Thursday, 26 February 2015

The start of new mini-adventures

I've been lost without a dog and it was so painful to lose Bill that I was unsure whether to get another one. But life was not the same and we had no companion to share our adventures with - then along came Finn. Last week we went over to East Sussex to walk part of the South Downs Way. It was a beautiful day - I get a real sense of freedom when walking in the countryside. We met a man who was out hunting with his Jack Russell and Harris Hawk, which Finn was really interested in. The bird would not move while he was around as another dog is apparently a threat to his pack - fascinating.


Cally said...

Beautiful photos! I'm glad you're enjoying your new companion - I bet he's loving all those long walks too.

Marianna said...

We've been lucky to have more light (but it's still too cold for me so I have to keep running). Finn seems settled. I bet he sleeps very soundly!

Julia Kelly said...

Oh my, Fin is adorable and I'd love to walk the seashore there!! maybe someday!