Thursday, 24 July 2014


Apologies as my blogging is a little very sporadic at the moment - we are in the middle of a glorious summer and the temptation to be outside is too great.

I visited Arundel Castle Gardens again and loved them as much the second time round. I would like to be entombed with my favourite dog at my feet when the time comes but think it is highly unlikely to happen.

Visited London to see the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on the hottest day of the year which was a bit silly, but the exhibition was well worth it. I also saw a lot of Patrick Blanc inspired gardens.

Went to  Standen House for the William Morris Exhibition. It was in a tiny room and so quite disappointing but the rest of the house is well worth a visit - especially to see the Rossetti paintings. Apart from this amazing spurt of cultural activity I've also been doing the usual things - walking, swimming, collecting, jam making and painting.


Marianna said...

Oh you're so right: when the weather is like this, we have to celebrate by getting as much of it as we can. I haven't been in my sewing place much either.

Thanks as ever for ideas of places to go, things to see. And the jam looks good!

Vicki Smith said...

I so understand the temptation of the summer. That is why I've been enjoying doing some plein air. Have been picking lots of wild raspberries and hope to make jam too. Your images are very lovely.