Tuesday, 3 June 2014


May has gone and Summer is now here although no sign of nice weather yet. I am having a creative block with my drawing which always happens when I'm sad or anxious. Although I love taking photos and recording all the things that interest me, mainly dogs, nature and food - which does help.

Arundel florist's display, Petworth Park where there was much debate about whether this was a Magnolia or Gardenia - we decided on Magnolia Grandiflora - if anyone knows differently please let me know, wild foxgloves, homemade strawberry tart and grass silhouettes from an evening walk.

A visit to Lewes which I always love, a lot of the shops are independent which makes a nice change, woodland walking and cousin Gif who gave me a lovely cuddle.


Cally said...

Sorry to hear you're not happy. These are some beautiful pictures from May, let's hope the weather cheers up soon! That always helps my mood xx

Marianna said...

Yes they're beautiful photographs. Your creativity is just having a lie down at the mo, I'm sure new beautiful illustrations will soon follow.

Here's to a good summer!