Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Yesterday was a sad day for me as I had to have Bill, my beloved JRT, put to sleep. He became quite ill on Monday night and so did not suffer for long which was what I'd always hoped for. He was 15 and had a brilliant life, out walking every day and sharing all our adventures - a tough, brave little dog, full of character - he fitted in with our lives perfectly. My constant companion, I'm missing him so much.


Marianna said...

Oh no. I am so sorry.

Pets' lives are so much shorter than ours which is unfair when we love them so much.

Thinking of you.

Julia Kelly said...

Nicky...I'm so sorry, I had to put down my 11 yr old lab a few months ago and try not to let on how much I still miss him and expect him to walk me up in the morning! Dogs have a way of really getting in our hearts don't they!

Caroline said...

Nicky - that's such sad news about Bill. So sorry to read about his passing. I know that you must be missing your dear companion so much - I shall miss reading about him here. Our little Tia cat passed away here in Malaysia whilst we were away at Xmas - hard to bear then and difficult to come back to an empty house:( Sending you a big hug.

Amanda Dilworth said...

What a lovely photo. I am really sorry to hear about Bill, i will also miss reading about him on your blog :( Glad that you have lots of happy memories and photos of him though.