Thursday, 11 June 2009

First taste of Summer

We walked over to the harbour for the first time in ages and picked the first of the season's samphire. Took it home and steamed it, to make my version of Salad Nicoise. Yummy it was delicious.


Karen Gladys Henry said...

Well I don't know what samphire is but the salad looks yummy! Like your website too. You do such great patterns, and I really love the Mediterranean vegetables ;)

get zapped said...

Beautiful and healthy! I'm hungry :)

jane said...

wow this looks delicious. i´m off to buy some olives...:)

yoon see said...

Amazingly colourcul treat Nicky!
I love you share with us your up tune of your Salad Nicoise.
Yummy as have expected!

The yellow egg yolk being the little ascent have capyured my attention.
Very cool shot Nicky:)