Saturday, 21 June 2008


This is my hoard of treasure, collected over the years from about the age of 6 onwards. It is ridiculous really because it's all kept in an old shoe box stored in our spare room and I never look at it but I can't bear to part with anything. It consists of (from left to right):

old keys - I've no idea what lock they are for

a very old teddy given to me by my mum (unfortunately My Jack Russell chewed the head off so it's sewn back on very badly)

one of my collection of jay's feathers

an engraved brooch I made at college

a shell

a musical china windmill brought back from Holland by my dad (it plays 'tulips from Amsterdam'

my favourite marble

a tin bird badge from Japan

my grandmothers embroidered prayer book

a brass elephant

and another shell.

Drawing for Illustration Friday.

© 2008 Nicky Linzey


Flying Colors said...

It has to be one big shoe box to fit all this "Memorabilia Par Excellence."
And ...I took a good look and it is digital with patterns, textures and effects... Or is it?
Just absolutely wonderful!

Nicky Linzey said...

Lisa, actually, it's hand drawn pen & ink, scanned in & digitally coloured, thanks for your comments.

Gillian said...

Well, at least now you have a lovely piece of art to frame and put on display to remind you of your treasures in the box. Nice work. x

Vicki Smith said...

I have two rather large boxes with dolls and stuffed animals from my childhood, so I can relate. Nice illo!

Miz K said...

very nice work - and such a great collection!

Nicole said...

Every object could be precious in some way for its story.
Nice illustration!

Honor Bowden said...

Very sweet. Thanks for sharing! x

Crescendo said...

Nice illustrations on your blog !