Friday, 30 November 2007

Thanks - Day 7

Well it's the final day of a week of thanks which has taken me over 2 weeks to do.

During this time my Uncle has died, he was 86 and had not been well for a while, so in a way it was a blessing. I was very fond of him and have wonderful memories of time spent with him, he was a great joker who told the most elaborate stories and as children we loved these. To this day I do not know which ones were true. He told us his name was Clement Arthur Thomas Dean and it was only at his funeral yesterday that I was a hundred percent certain it was, as we always called him Dixie. He had a way of recounting things with a gleam in his eye as if to say "Well do you believe me or not?".

Yesterday was a day to give thanks for his life and to get together with family I have not seen for a while. Cousins with whom I spent a lot of time during childhood and teenage years and was very close to. It's odd with family even though we hadn't seen each other for ages, we immediately fell straight back into the closeness and camaraderie we had all those years ago and it was great to remember old times and catch up with the present.

Tomorrow Gray and I are going to 'The Spirit of Christmas' - a Christmas Extravaganza - not the sort of thing we would normally go to but some friends were keen and I know that we will have good fun in their company and we will make some more memories ...

This is thanks for all my family and friends... and my memories.

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