Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Making membrillo

A friend gave me a bag of quinces the other day and I remembered a recipe I'd torn out of a magazine for Quince paste (membrillo) but the problem was where had I put it! I eventually found it after searching the house and decided to make some today. It was pretty hard work & I certainly worked up a sweat pushing 1.5kg of cooked quinces through a sieve. After managing not to burn it by stirring for 40 minutes I turned it out into a tray and it set perfectly. The fascinating thing is how the quince flesh turns from a creamy white to a deep red during cooking. I couldn't wait to eat a piece and it was delicious with some cheese and biscuits, a little like a solid peach jam. Of course since I found the elusive recipe every magazine I've read has had articles about quinces! Does that ever happen to you?

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