Monday, 4 June 2007

My adventure

Six months ago a friend and I decided to take a stand at The Garden Show, Stansted Park. I'm selling my prints, cards, jewellery and bowls and she's selling her beautiful handmade fabric bags, we've also bought in some colourful hand-dipped candles.

Well - the show has finally come around - it's on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we've actually got everything prepared. I feel a bit scared - it's years since I've stood in front of my work in this way. I'm also excited - it's a new challenge and although I'm lucky and design for a living - the work that I'm showing at the weekend is 100% me. I really want it to be successful so that it can become part of the way I earn my living. To physically make things and draw using a pen and paper is so rewarding compared to sitting at my computer all day.
A little mix of both would be great.

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